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What will the factory of the future be like? In short: Networked!

These factories will be intelligent entities, capable of meeting every demand in production efficiently and economically. It will also have the ability to learn and improve on its own.

EMAG is consistently striving to digitize and network our production technology. One starting points is the vast quantity of data from sensors, operation and production that is generated by each machine tool during operation. This data source provides many options for better monitoring and control of production.

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Overview „EMAG 4.0-Tools“

Industry 4.0 live at EMO 2017

At EMO 2017, EMAG is offering you an opportunity to test Industry 4.0 solutions for the first time. The following apps will be available for you to test at our booth:

MultiMachineMonitor – keep an overview of all the machines in your production environment. 

MachineStatus – operation and production data available at a glance on a central dashboard

PartStatus – traceability of production and quality data for a workpiece

SecurityAssessment – access control and data permissions all the way down to the sensor level

Fingerprint – predictive maintenance through the analysis of axes and spindle

RemoteExperts – fault diagnostics and troubleshooting via remote access


EMAG Industry 4.0 – Solutions


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