Highlights at EMO 2017

The design of process chains is becoming a
standardized process. The Modular Systems
from EMAG lets you combine machines
into complex process chains on a modular basis.
Here you can see some highlights among the
production line modules that you can experience
live at the EMO 2017.



The VLC 50 TWIN is equipped with two main spindles in one machining area that are able to machine two identical workpieces simultaneously. This results in a substantial increase in output quantities and lower unit cost. The diameter and length of the two workpieces can be adjusted independently by means of the two spindles. The machine is also equipped with a direct distance measuring system and an X-axis linear motor for maximum machining quality and productivity.

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HLC 150 H

HLC 150 H – an all-round solution in every way. This high-performance technology is able to process an extremely wide range of transmission and anchor shafts, pinions, and planetary gears with a length of up to 500 mm.

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HLC 150 H

ELC 160 HP

ELC 160 HP

The ELC 160 HP was designed especially for the laser welding of the control gear and clutch. This manufacturing system combines several process steps into a perfectly timed system.
Joining (press fitting), induction pre-heating (if required by the material) and connecting the components by laser welding.

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VLC 100 IH

The VLC 100 IH hardening machine with "induction hardening" technology is based, as the name suggests, on the VLC 100 modular machine type. The EMAG vertical-lean-customized series has a very compact design and is built on a machine base made of Mineralit® polymer concrete. Other design features include the customizable side-mounted part storage unit, and the self-loading pick-up automation system that minimizesnon-productive time.

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VLC 100 IH

CI 400

CI 400

Rotor carriers are components of electric motor housings for hybrid vehicles and are being produced in ever increasing numbers. Electrochemical machining, or ECM, offers decisive benefits for the production of these parts.

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