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Whether you are looking for solutions for single processes or subprocesses, or
wish to reproduce the entire process chain from raw part to finished part—at
the EMO 2017, the EMAG Group offers you a comprehensive overview of their
full bandwidth of technologies and manufacturing solutions.

VLC 200 GT

The VLC 200 GT uses a variety of process combinations for the hard machining of chucked components. The user is given all the options: grinding, scroll-free turning and hard turning. The spacious machining area allows for the machine to be configured to suit any application.

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VLC 200 GT

VG 110

Vertical grinder VG 110 for the high-speed machining of small workpieces

This vertical face grinder is a true all-rounder when it comes to precision machining (i.e. face grinding and internal grinding) of small chuck parts. Thanks to the modular VG 110 face grinders series, the user can select either a “traditional” grinding process or can take advantage of the multiple functions which allow a combination of turning and grinding in a single machine.

The main application for the internal grinders is the economical machining of small workpieces of between 2 and 60 mm in diameter in large batches.

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VTC 100

The strength of the VTC 100 Vertical Turning Machine lies in the production of large quantities of shafts with diameters up to 400 mm. Full integration into the EMAG machine concept including automatic loading and unloading of the workpieces offers a manufacturing system that is characterized by short travel distances and fast loading of via the turret. This is complemented by a powerful main spindle (34 kW, 144 Nm, 6000 rpm). 

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VTC 100

VL 8

VL 8

With the VL 8 vertical pick-up turning machine EMAG makes the advantages of its VL series available for large parts as well. The automation system integrated into the turning machines guarantees rapid processing, while the stable basic structure of the machine ensures top quality in turning and milling. The vertical design likewise contributes to the high machining quality, as it virtually eliminates all effects of chips generated during machining.

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The VL 3 DUO turning machines combine the technological developments of recent years, including pick-up automation and the TrackMotion automation system, to the modular basic design of the cnc machine – and creates an extremely efficient production system offering maximum productivity with minimal space requirements. The EMAG VL 3 DUO CNC Machine, an efficient twin-spindle machine solution for chucked parts up to 150 mm in diameter, expands the product portfolio of the extremely successful VL series.

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VMC 450-5 MT

VMC 450-5 MT

The EMAG VMC 450-5 MT vertical and multi-functional turning/milling center offers new flexibility for machining large components for commercial vehicles, such as truck planetary carriers, clutches, or brake components. The five axes are the key to the solution: The main process is always turning. In addition, drilling and milling operations can be carried out with the full-featured tool spindle. EMAG has also equipped the machine with a B axis and a Y axis. As a result, grinding, gear hobbing and skiving are covered by the standard modular system. This means that the machine has virtually all the technologies on board that are required for completing a component.

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